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Expression In Situ Of The Recombinant Human Erythropoetin And Recombinant Insulin

Michael V Tyurin

Our aim was to check the suitability of the human intestine for the delivery of the re-combinant proteins in humans. The prospective applications of said technology are huge, since travel in the outer Space to locate new planets for the relocation of the overcrowded Earth will face the need for the crew vaccination from the pathological microorganisms, found in these outer Space locations. We invented the technology to treat Diabetes II and his chronic anemia in the adult volunteer as the draft of said new applications of said in vivo technology. The strain of lactobacilli from normal human intestinal micro-flora was isolated, genetically engineered and then returned back for the adhesion back to the host intestinal epithelium of the volunteer. The volunteer was cured from his Diabetes II and chronic anemia. We discuss the potential applications of said technology for the in vivo expression of the vaccines for the crews of the outer space long range travel missions coming soon.