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A 5 Minute in Office Procedure-Ear Lobe Keliod Excision Using Radio Frequency

Udaya Kiran Koduri

Keloids and hypertrophic scars are a product of an imbalance in callogenesis and abnormal proliferation of tissue occurring at
the site of cutaneous injury as a result of ear lobe piercing. And occurs usually in persons who are keloid prone.
Radio Frequency ablation (RF) is a versatile dermato-surgical procedure and is used as a standalone intervention as our
treatment. The cut and coagulate mechanism of the procedure was helpful. No intra lesion steroids were required to be given
after procedure and no pressure bandage. Keloids were left to naturally heal.
The progress of the patient was documented through various stages pre and post keloid removal. Photographs taken and
shared by patients online were helpful in recording the follow up of the progress. This helped in cutting down a number of
follow-up visits to clinic.
Results observed from the method leveraged were aesthetically acceptable.